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Dealing With Our Attitudes – by Benny Shobo

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Attitude, I will simply define, is one’s perspective and reaction to things, situations, people and life. Our attitude may either make or break us. Our outlook on things will cause us to react in different ways, either positively or negatively given the circumstances. Our attitudes are a form of communication and it is something that we ought to be highly conscious of, so that we can adequately convey our thoughts, words, feelings and actions effectively. It will define your character, personality and intentions.

There are two types of attitudes, and they are as follows:

a. The right attitude

b. The wrong attitude

The right attitude is described as a positive attitude and the wrong attitude, as a negative attitude. Our attitudes can also be compared to our talents because it can steer you in the right direction if utilised in a positive manner. When we have the right and not the wrong attitude, we have a teachable and correctable spirit, which comes from a mindset of humility.

A negative attitude is like a bad smell or a badly applied makeup, which can deter others from you and thereby hinder your chances and opportunities. A negative attitude is usually associated with pride,  arrogance and lack of intelligence, and this will limit you in every way. Our attitudes whether positive or negative can affect every areas of our lives, such as our relationships, lifestyles, dress sense, finance, jobs etc. We are most likely to be addressed and approached by other people based on our attitudes.

The Pros of a Positive Attitude

a.It will create opportunities for you.

b. It will help you develop your learning and listening skills.

c. It will allow you weight things fairly.

d. It will develop your relationships with things and other people.

e. It will get you through life a lot easier.

The Cons of a Negative Attitude

a. It will limit your chances in everything.

b. It is considered snobbish.

c. It will win you no favours.

d. It will affect your perspective negatively.

e. It will corrupt your conscience.

Having either a negative or positive attitude, depends solely on us as individuals, and we must take responsibility for our thoughts and actions whether good or bad. Attitude can be infectious; therefore, we must be conscious of it, especially when you are around kids because they will pick up on it. It can also affect our productivity, morals, reputation and conversations. Our attitudes can be developed, so it is something we need to keep working at, build, develop and acquire over time. Bear in mind always, that just like with everything else, there are rights and wrongs. So, it is crucial that we choose to be optimistic and not pessimistic, that way we will be encouraged and not discouraged in life.

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