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Life is a teacher – by Benny Shobo

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The world is a school, life is the teacher and we are the students. From when we are born into this world, our instincts has always been to survive and adapt to concepts of this world. As we grow and develop from babies into adulthood, we pick up skills that will enable us live and not die, to be strong and not weak, productive and not stagnant through life. In the process of our growth and development, we become resilient, resourceful and adaptable to the challenges of this world, people and even ourselves.

Life is indeed a gift which we should treasure and make the best of. Life is indisputably the best teacher, it  prepares you for your role in the world, how to manage and how to effectively make a difference.

We live in a world where there are so many ups and downs, challenges, battles and competition. It is a world that challenges you to see what you are made of.

Ten lessons that life teaches you

1. To be tough and ready to fight for yourself and your beliefs.

2. You can not fully rely on anyone but yourself

3. Not everyone will like or cheer you on.

4. Be a quick learner or you will suffer.

5. Most people care for themselves only.

6. It is not a fair world.

7. Seize every opportunity when it comes.

8. Most people do not appreciate the  truth.

9. If you have a mind of your own, you will be criticized for it.

10. The race is truly yours alone to run.

When life trains you, it expects you to triumph at its challenges, because it has trained you well. If you did not learn anything in the school of Life, you will not only struggle but will succumb to the burdens and puzzles of life. Remember when you were young and in school, how you had to attend class every week in preparation for your future. While in school, you found different types of students in your class who were either focused or inattentive in class.

How you learn, what you learn and when you learn depends totally on your ability to comprehend the importance of the skills and lessons that life teaches you, order to be a survival.

Life is a teacher that is constantly willing to teach because it realises that not everyone learns fast with just one lesson; everyone’s level of understanding and grasping each lesson differs. Sometimes, life as a teacher is patient and other times hasty for you to learn. Regardless of the speed at which it teaches you, you need to consciously allow it to train and equip you. It does not give up on you except you give up on yourself.

Life is not a slothful teacher, in fact, it is consistently aiming at you, to take you through its training. It requires your cooperation, dedication and concentration to learn from its teachings, so that you may become strong and overcome its hard test.

If you are not learning anything from life, it is because you have either given up or tired of learning. Life cannot force you to learn, but it will continue to steer you in the direction that will help you fight and stay alive.

Life expects you to fight until you can fight no more. It expects you to utilize all the skills that it has taught you, and not give up. It understands that you might fail or struggle at some test, but it hopes that the end would justify the beginning. You may be mad at life and how unfair you believe it may be, but in the end, all life wants you to realize is that you are stronger than you think, braver that you know and equally tough to the challenges it throws at you in this world.

Praise God!

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