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The Significance of A Godly Mentor – Benny Shobo

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The story of Ruth and Naomi: Ruth Chapters 1,2,3 and 4

Many times when we talk about the story of Ruth and Naomi in the Bible, and we often commend Ruth for her virtuous character and loyalty to Naomi. However, there are some key things that we forget in this story and they are: The character and virtues of Naomi, which made her an admired and valuable mentor to Ruth. Ruth and Orpah (daughters-in-law) to Naomi, offered to stay with her because she was kind, good and exemplary to them.

Naomi won both their respects through her pure love, unconditional kindness and her faithfulness to her God. Although Orpah did leave Naomi after much persuasion, Ruth on the other hand bluntly refused to leave Naomi because she fell in love with Naomi’s love and dedication to her God and her people. Naomi propelled Ruth to become the great woman that she became, through guiding her unselfishly, earnestly, lovingly and in a godly manner. Ruth’s admiration for Naomi, developed as she lived with her whilst admiring her godly, motherly, dedication and good leadership.

If Naomi had not been an indispensable(valued) and exemplary mentor to Ruth, Ruth would not have been encouraged to stay with her mother-in-law, remained loyal to her or respected her. God used Naomi as a mentor to set Ruth on the right path, in order to accomplish His divine will through Ruth. We must do well to note however, that our mentors maybe our life teachers but they are not our life givers. God alone is the Giver of Life. A couple of great examples of mentoring relationship between mentors and their mentees, are seen in the story of Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings 2, and also in the relationship between Paul and Timothy in 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy

Ruth fell in love with Naomi’s God and people, although she did not personally know them. What really won Ruth over to her mother-in-law, was the fact that she saw Naomi’s God and Naomi’s people through Naomi’s lifestyle and character. As a result of an exemplary mentoring relationship between Naomi and Ruth, Ruth was carefully positioned in the right place for God to establish His divine will in her life. This occurred because what Ruth admired in Naomi, she inevitably attracted it to herself.

7 Qualities of Naomi that won and changed Ruth to become the virtuous woman that she became.

1. Naomi loved her God and people regardless.
2. She was kind, motherly and godly
3. She was selfless, considerate and unselfish.
4. She was a wise woman.
5. She was full of love and not bitterness.
6. She was led by the Holy Spirit.
7. She was inspirational and a true mentor.

Praise God! 

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