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Why Do I Love Jesus? – by Benny Shobo

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Why would I not love Jesus? That is the question!

Never have I known anyone who desires the best for me like He does.

Never have I experienced such a vivid and immerse love as His.

Never did it occur to me how precious and special my soul is to Him.

Never has anyone laid down his/her life for me sacrificially and so willingly.

Never did I conceive how great, powerful, majestic yet humble He is.

Never have I dreamt of being called the daughter of Zion by Him,

Never did I anticipate how greatly, deeply and urgently I need Him.

Never did it occur to me how significant and precious life is through Him.

Never have I ached for such strong and pure love, which exults from His very Being.

The answer to the question” Why do I love Jesus”?  is as follows:

Jesus is the most upright Being I know,

Jesus is the divine absolute God,

Jesus is the expressed image of the greatest daddy God.

Jesus is the essence of truth, love, wisdom, power and grace,

Jesus is the most magnificent and glorious Being,

Jesus is more than life itself,

Jesus is both Lord and Saviour.

I ultimately love Jesus because He first loved me!!!

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