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Feeling Trapped – by Benny Shobo

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I would define being trapped as being in a situation or having a condition where one feels hopeless and confined. The one who is trapped feels caught up, entangled , set-up or in an impossible situation. Feeling trapped is a negative position to be in, as it would lead you into difficult and unprecedented routes. You will not only feel limited in your way of life, but you would also feel deflated and unmotivated. It will force you to  acknowledge that you have unresolved issues that is weighting on you heavily like a burden.

A very good example of illustrating feeling trapped, would be compared to a binding contract between an employer and his employee. If an employee decides to quit his/her job, he/she is legally bound to give the employer a resignation letter and  must work for a certain time as specified by his/ her contract. The reason for this, is because the employee is trapped by the contract backed by the law, to the employer in until a specified time elapse. If the employee chooses to leave before the binding contract expires, he/she will be in breech of the terms of the contract, making him/her liable to be sued by the employer.

A lot of people feel trapped in different ways, for instance, in bad marriages, at work, financial debts, negative thoughts, unhealthy feelings, body and life’s challenges. One major thing to be conscious of when you are feeling trapped, is that you are likely to become withdrawn, distracted and less productive, and this is not a good place to be. It will cause you to feel deflated and this will affect everything around you negatively.

Causes of Feeling Trapped

  1. Impossible situation and challenges.
  2. Fear of the unknown.
  3. Resentments and unforgiveness.
  4. Change in circumstances.
  5. Unfulfillment.
  6. Loss.
  7. Unresolved issues.
  8. Unhappiness.
  9. Sickness/ ill health.

Signs that you are feeling Trapped

  1. Withdrawal, feeling like you are losing yourself.
  2. Sadness and anxiety.
  3. Low self-esteem.
  4. Feeling of hopelessness.
  5. Lack of motivation.
  6. Over thinking- always deep in thoughts.
  7. Lack of peace.
  8. Discouraged and dissatisfied.
  9. Anger.

What to do when feeling Trapped

  1. Take some time to ponder about what you are going through, and what is it that you truly want.
  2. Talk to someone that you trust and respect.
  3. Take time to pray, fast and seek God for His guidance.
  4. Go on holiday if you can and spend time away from the challenging situation.
  5. Know what you will and will not tolerate
  6. Be realistic when making decisions and creating your targets.
  7. Accept changes that best suits you.
  8. Realise that you are solely responsible for yourself.
  9. Be brutally honest with yourself.
  10. Remain optimistic and not pessimistic.

Every now and very often everyone feels trapped in life and so, it is not unique to feel trapped and overwhelmed with challenges. However, though it is not particularly an easy period, you must tackle it like any other challenges life throws at you. Refuse to let it dictate your life, moods and thoughts. Be patient with the situation and allow yourself plenty of time to consider your options before you consciously make your next move. Time is very vital in your life when you feel trapped because it will enable you take stock of what is important and give you space to adjust if necessary.

Praise God!

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