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Life is a Journey – by Benny Shobo

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Just like any other journey you make, life requires you to be adequately prepared and equipped with all that you require to enable you complete your journey successfully. No one embarks on a Journey with the intention of turning back halfway. Although our journey in life is before us, it is foolishness to assume that it will be smooth and straight forward. In our journey through life, we has to bear in mind that the race is not for the swift and weary, but for the strong and purposeful. Life’s journey is sometimes long and hard, short and sweet, pained and peaceful, rigid and rough, narrow and wide, lonely and excruciatingly, laughs and giggles, tears and smiles, fulfilments and amusements. One thing you can be assured of is that through life’s journey, you will discover your strengths and weaknesses, yourself and others, your goals and your purpose. It is crucial that you start your life’s journey with expectations, but you have to be realistic in your ideas, plans and achievements.

During this journey, you will come across different people, challenges and circumstances, but the key is to learn what you can and use what you have wisely. Your resources no matter how big or little it may be, will play a vital role in your survival during your journey, so have a plan and backup for the times you will need it the most.

Depending on the people you come across in life, your journey can be sweet or bitter, hot or cold, direct or distraught. The goal is that regardless of all of these factors, you maintain concentration so you do not get distracted from your journey. If distracted, it is not the end, you have to summon the strength and will power to resume your course and continue your journey. It is only natural that you expect some obstacles along the way, but have this consciousness that you may be delayed but you will not be stopped.

In your journey through life, you will experience the different seasons and weathers, so you have to plan for this at the beginning, but if you did not, you will have to find a way to adapt and get through, but refuse to give up. You may come across help every now and again, which is always a welcomed relief, but it is always your responsible to continue with your journey. Not every journey is well thought of or planned out, sometimes you are forced to embark on one willingly or unwillingly. The bottom line is you have to be prepared to work really hard and not succumb to the unexpected.

As the journey nears its end, your will have this sense of relief and accomplishment, regardless of how long it took you to get to the end.

Praise God!

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