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When God Is Breaking You – by Benny Shobo

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When God is set on breaking you, there is absolutely nowhere that you can hide, and there is certainly no one that can help you. If we are honest with ourselves, we will declare that we need every ounce of God’s breaking of us. God will not break us if we are on the right path, but He breaks us when we become in correctable and unteachable. God is ever so patient with us, and He allows us plenty of time to admit our errors and change our unfruitful ways. As humans, we are prone to making mistakes, but if we choose to ignore God’s corrections, He will make us go through the refining fire; which is the breaking of us until we realise our sinful ways and genuinely repent.  

We all go through life thinking we are in control of our lives, and sometimes we even go to the extent of believing that we are in control of what we do. But the bible tells us that it is not by our might or power that we do anything; but by the Spirit of God, “Zachariah 4:6”. Everything that concerns us, is totally controlled by Jehovah God, He alone has all the power to make things happen whether good or bad. He knows our capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, desires and needs, more than anyone of us could ever know. Therefore, when God embarks on breaking you to mould you into what He wills for you, be rest assured that He will let you experience a period of challenges that will help shape your life.  

God will use the breaking period to bring to our consciousness our weaknesses and wilful sins, before He sets about His goal in us. God will not seek our permission before He chooses to break us in order to mould us into His perfect will for us; instead, He will show up when we least expect. When this breaking to mould us begins, God usually start with correcting our bad habits, wilful sins, negative mindsets, bad attitude, stubbornness and whatever it is that we esteem more than Him in our lives. Be aware, that although the breaking to mould you period is painful and sometimes frightening, God will cause you to see yourself exactly for what you are. He will allow you to endure some trials, which will highlight the reason why He is breaking us, and what He intends to change in you. The good news is that the breaking period is temporary, and will only last until God completes His work in us. It is a time of reflecting, acknowledging and repenting for our short comings, which hinders our walk with God. 

Before God begins breaking us, He would have given us plenty of opportunities to change from our unfruitful ways. If we disregard His warnings, He breaks us, so that He may remould us. God seeks our best always in all things; therefore, while we may be ignorant of the reason for His actions towards us, His goal is to shape us for our good. Most times, our stubbornness is a big obstacle which can prove detrimental to God’s breaking of us. It can delay the breaking to mould us process longer than God intends, because rather than us yielding to the will of God for us, we resist and end up paying the price for resisting Him.  

We may not fully appreciate the work that God is doing in our lives during the breaking process, but His rebuke far out weights anything that we may go through in life. It may appear that God does not love you, hence the reason He is allowing you to go through tough times, but you are so far from the truth. God has many reasons why He may choose to break us, but we have to understand that He would use this breaking period to correct, teach, promote and bless us. In other words, we have everything to gain and no much to lose. 

Our attitude at the time of God’s breaking, is crucial because it will determine the duration and manner at which God completes His intended work in us. It is imperative that we submit and yield ourselves completely to God, so that He may refine, define and ordain us, so that He may occupy us more. During these challenging but rewarding times, we will not only feel like we are breaking, we will also feel the weight and consequences of our sins. However, God remains faithful; he will not abandon us to crumble with torments by the evil one as a result of our disobedience. 

We have to remember that just like untamed animals, which are dangerous, if not trained, so also are humans if not tamed by God. As humans, we are capable of anything, therefore, God is always working in us to bring out the best in us. When we refuse God’s corrections, there will come a time when God will intervene because he does not want the devil to destroy us due to our unrepented sins. God may break a person in a day, another in a month and another in one year, it depends on how responsive we are to His rebuke. 

In the book of Jonah chapter one, we can clearly see how God broke Jonah when he bluntly refused to deliver the word of God to the people of Nineveh. God caused Jonah to be thrown out of the ship and into the sea because Jonah tried to hide from the Lord. God Sent a big fish to swallow him up and while in the fish’s belly, God broke Jonah continuously for three days and three nights until he sincerely repented. Then, God sent him on his way to do His work faithfully. Bear in mind always, that God’s breaking of us, leads us to great repentance of sins and leads us unto admittance to do His will.  

God will not break us beyond repairs; No, He is always in control of the breaking process. When we finally realise the error of our ways and sincerely repent, He will end the breaking process and He will use the opportunity to build, instruct and equip us. 

Reasons why God Breaks Us 

1. To correct us from sin.

2. To mould us to be more like Him. 

3. To prepare us, so that He may use us for His work. 

4. To show us His power. 

5. To reveal His love to us. 

6. To give us a heart of flesh and not of stone. 

7. To bless and promote us. 

In conclusion, God’s breaking of us, is a time of refining, which can be compared with the test of fire makes a fine steel.” Romans 8:28”. We have to remember to humble ourselves before God because it is who the Lord loves that He corrects. “Hebrews 12:6”. God is the refining Fire, that will keep us in line with His will for our lives whether we appreciate it or not. We must develop the attitude of giving God thanks in everything, because He loved us before we first loved Him.” 1 John 4:19”. 

Praise God!

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