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Why Does God Take Notice of A Person? – Benny Shobo

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God wants us to get to the point in our lives, where we are obliged in faith and love to give Him back what He has lovingly given to us; and that includes our lives. God takes exceptional notice of anyone who abides in undiluted Agape love, immovable faith and complete obedience to His commands. It is a known fact as we see in the Bible, that God loves, cherishes, blesses and protect these ones at all costs.

Abraham is a classic example of such, in the sense that he acted in faith and complete reverence to God, by willingly demonstrating to God that he would sacrifice his only legitimate son Isaac; by surrendering and giving back to God what God has lovingly given to him. Abraham did not once question God, procrastinate or hesitate to wholeheartedly and completely give God back that which he received from God. God fell in love with Abraham and today Abraham is called the Father of faith not because of his plenty works of righteousness, but simply because of his will to give God without compromise that which God gave to him. He simply understood that he was only a keeper and not the owner of what God gave to him. Therefore, when God asked for what belonged to Him, Abraham was very quick to surrender it to God in faith and reverence.

What causes God to take notice of a person is this: He looks for a good seed in a person, which reminds Him of His character, attributes, heart and mindset. One who loves the Lord’s rebuke, who has a teachable and correctable spirit. God seeks for the one who love, fear, believe and obey His word.

I once asked the Holy Spirit why God chose certain people and not others to do great things in them and through them. The Holy Spirit replied and explained this mystery to me using the lives of the following people:

Seven Examples of People who God took Notice of are:

1.  David: David’s sincere and deep love of God and all things God, caused him to worship and praise God, even before He knew God personally or experience God in a dynamic way. While he was in the field tendering to him father’s sheep, David spent quality time loving the God whose words and commandments he loved greatly.

2.  Joseph: Joseph was noticed by God from his youth because of his reverential fear of God. Although Joseph had not experienced God like Abraham Moses, all he knew was the word of God, which enabled him to develop the reverential fear of God. This reverential fear of God from his youth, caused God to notice Joseph and it was this reverential fear of God that caused him not to commit adultery with Potiphar’s wife.

3.  Abraham: Abraham loved the God that he hardly knew. His earnest and pure love of the Unknown God of his forefathers and his willingness to believe and follow the Unknown God (Yahweh), caused God to take notice of Abraham. And after Abraham came to know Jehovah Yahweh and recognise Him as his one and only true God, God’s grace upon Abraham helped his faith to increase far above human comprehension. Abraham was loved and cherished by God because he believed God through and through.

4.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego: These three Hebrew men believed the words, commandments and the promises of God through and through, and at all costs even unto the point of death in the burning furnace. This caused God to notice them because they bluntly refused to save their lives like many others and deny the supremacy of Jehovah Yahweh. When they stood firm on the promises of God and not give in to the pressure to bow unto Baal, God did something that would not have done if they hadn’t impressed Him with their matured faith. God sent Jesus to rescue them in the fire. In other words, these men saw Jesus in person amongst them way before Jesus was ready to be revealed to the world because of their unshakable and immovable faith in Yahweh God.

5.  Daniel: Daniel just like the three other Hebrew men, did not waiver in his faith in God and the word of God. Daniel loved and feared God immensely. In his heart, Daniel was sold out to Jehovah Yahweh, would rather obey God than anyone else, even at the expense of his own life. God took notice of Daniel because Daniel proved through his life after he was taken as a slave to Babylon along with other Israelites. Although Daniel was in a foreign country that feared not nor honoured Jehovah Yahweh, he abided faithfully to the commandments and words of God given to Moses his forefather by Yahweh Jehovah. When God was very impressed with Daniel’s dedication and uprightness, and God revealed great secrets of Heaven and earth to Daniel.

6.  Hannah: Hannah who was Elkanah’s wife, and who later gave birth to the prophet Samuel, was another person who understood the importance and great impact of giving back to God that which He lovingly gave to her. You see, after Hannah cried out to the God for a son because she was constantly tormented by Peninnah her co-wife for her barrenness, God instantly took notice of Hannah after she promised that if the Lord gave her a son, she would give back that son to Him in service to the Lord. Hannah’s willingness and readiness to give her son Samuel to God after he was born, impressed God strongly.

7.  Mary Magdalene: Mary Magdalene was a woman who loved Jesus much because Jesus forgave her much. Mary Magdalene was a woman who was in love with Jesus with all purity and reverence for the Lord. Therefore, when she poured an expensive perfume and watched the feet of Jesus as well as wiped his feet with her hair, indeed this caused Jesus to take notice of her much love for God. Her deep, pure and true love for her Maker, won the Lord’s heart lovingly. What Mary Magdalene did, demonstrated what I will refer to as “true worship”. She was very impressed by her actions because He saw that she worshipped Him in Spirit soul and in Truth.

One major thing to note about these great people mentioned above is this; their hearts were full of Agape love; love for God, His word, and for others also. These exemplary people deliberately and consciously chose to believe in God’s love, faithfulness and power, rather than allow fear to chase them to crooked paths by not believing in God, His word and His promises thoroughly against all odds.

Praise God!

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